Private Money Lenders

As a family-run business, our private lenders are an extension of our family. We value their investment and ensure we operate as effectively and methodically as possible to provide them with above average returns. Each private lender will meet with us to understand our core values and to make certain that our investment programs are are a good fit for them.

We are offering debt and equity investment options for new construction and renovation projects and offering equity options for income-generating properties.

Our Investment Opportunities

• Mid- to high-end new construction, renovations, and condo-conversions
• Debt and Equity investment opportunities

• 3-12 unit rental properties
• Equity investment opportunities

Why Lend to Us?


Proven Track Record: We've completed over 35 deals and more than $10 million in transactions in the past 6+ years.
Expertise: Justin has 10+ years of experience in the finance industry coupled with extensive construction expertise.
Highly Profitable Deal Flow: We use our sister company, Open Letter Marketing to find off-market deals that our competition can’t access.
Security: Extensive due diligence and stringent safeguards are in place to mitigate risk.