Private Money Lenders

JS2 Capital works closely with private lenders to ensure our programs are a good fit for them. Our team offers debt investment options for individual opportunities. We work with reputable administrators for those seeking tax-deferred investments of 401k and IRA plans. Through an initial screening, JS2 Capital and our lenders can gain a better understanding of the objectives and goals.

JS2 Capital Opportunities

• Mid- to high-end new construction, renovations, and condo-conversions
• Basic debt instrument backed by a Promissory Note and Personal Guarantee
• Returns: 7-9% paid monthly
• Term: 1-3 years
• Exit: Principal paid at end of the Note

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Why JS2 Capital


Proven Track Record: We have completed over 30 deals and more than $5 million in transactions in the past 6+ years.
Expertise: Our managing principal has 10+ years of experience in the finance industry coupled with extensive construction expertise.
Highly Profitable Deal Flow: We use our sister company, Open Letter Marketing to find off-market deals that our competition can’t access.
Security: Extensive due diligence and stringent safeguards are in place to mitigate risk.