JS2 Homes LLC is open to pursuing synergistic relationships with other real estate investors including wholesalers, rehabbers, buy and hold investors, and private money lenders.

At JS2 Homes LLC, business is about relationships. Whether you have been investing in New England for decades, are expanding into the Northeast, or are brand new to real estate investing in Massachusetts, we would like to connect with you to create a long term strategic partnership.

Bird Dogs & Wholesalers:

We want to buy your deals and pay you more for those deals. If you are looking to start making money by getting involved with a successful and reputable company, JS2 Homes LLC is looking for bird dogs to work with.

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Rehabbers, Developers & Landlords:

JS2 Homes LLC conducts extensive marketing to property owners throughout Massachusetts in addition to having an extensive network of referral partners. Because we only stick to rehabbing within our local area and can only handle so many deals at once, we have many attractive wholesale properties in Massachusetts that we need to sell to other real estate investors. We also joint venture with other local investors who are looking to work with experienced rehabbers for their deals.

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Private Money Lenders:

Whether you are looking for wealth preservation, better returns on your savings, or to take advantage of the tax benefits of self-directed 401ks and IRAs, JS2 Homes LLC provides a solution for truly passive income investing.

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