About Us

JS2 Homes LLC is a professional real estate investment firm that specializes in problem solving and helping homeowners sell their houses, while still creating successful business deals.

About Us Panoramic

As redevelopers looking to improve communities and neighborhoods, we strive to find personalized solutions to help solve individual homeowners’ real estate issues.  Our extensive financial expertise enables us to uniquely formulate true win-win solutions for those who need to sell a home in Massachusetts fast.

Focusing on specific strategies has enabled us to develop systems that provide a desirable outcome for those selling homes in Massachusetts, while delivering great returns for our investors.

Primarily, our investment focus is to buy single family properties in the Middlesex and Essex Counties of Massachusetts with the intent to renovate or teardown and rebuild.  To date we have completed millions of dollars in MA real estate transactions.

Our secondary investment focus is to wholesale properties that do not fit our precise investment criteria or when spikes in deal flow make it beneficial to pass properties on quickly while holding those best suited for passive income.